Reverting to Childhood Times

Posted in Thoughts on July 24, 2010 by Fab McAngrypants

I’ve been watching shows about deep space all day, just like I did as a kid.  These are among the most beautiful images I’ve ever seen…  galaxies, supernovas and nebulae.   It still strikes me how delicate these distant giants, destructive in nature and comprised of intense forces never seen by Earth or even our solar system, appear.  Technicolour dreams invisible to our limited eyes seen through mechanic filters.

But, I could never been an astronomer.  I’ve always known that.  To some, to dissect is to understand and amplify its initial beauty.  To me, an object of beauty disassembled is one broken.  Its spell is shattered.  My escape from the hectic and ordinary is made mundane, like curdled milk swirls in berry tea.

As a kid, these far off celestial bodies always captured my imagination.  I don’t think that will ever change.



Posted in Horror, Stories on July 19, 2010 by Fab McAngrypants

A little story I wrote on one sunny day with nothing to do and feeling paranoid.


I thought these things only happen in the dark, not in the bright and lingering summer sun.  Faintly, echoes of a discordant melody float by in tones almost like whistling, but less… human.  As if the busy intersection below my tiny lofty apartment became a chorus, brakes screeching in something similar to harmony.  Musically sound, yet still off in an unsettling way.

Gradually, it grows louder and starts to reverberate painfully in my ears.  I’m affixed to the couch in a combination of fear and sheer unwillingness to move, lest whatever is making that unrelenting sound find me here.  As it repeats, I strengthen my resolve, slowly creep over and foolishly stick my head through the open window in an overcompensating act of bravado.  Nothing.  A pregnant woman walks on the sidewalk.  A young couple sits on the benches watching the early drunks fish things out of the pond.  Yet, it continues.  Oh God.  It’s as loud as it was before.  No quieter, no louder.

It’s in my head.

It’s pervading my brain with its eerie progression.  Perhaps it’s merely a form of the mild auditory hallucinations everyone has… the buzz of silence, demystified and befriended through scientific exposure.  Ha.  That reeks of denial.  Then, the pain eliminates all other mental competition with a sharp jab.

It continues to intensify at a steadily growing pace while I futilely shut the window and draw the blinds haphazardly.  “Shut all the windows”, says an inner voice.  “Close all of them.”  I comply despite my increasingly laboured movements and make no efforts to question.  The room dims considerably, with only some errant rays striking random meaningless patterns on the carpeted floor.

It finally screams.  The melody is no longer a melody, but sheer noise.  Consciousness slipping.  No longer aware.  I dissolve.  Into nothingness.  Nothing but it.  The sound.

New Beginnings (Or Something Less Cheesy)

Posted in Personal, Thoughts on July 17, 2010 by Fab McAngrypants

Well, hello there.  Somehow, you’ve stumbled upon this blog.  My blog, and, clearly, this will generally be all about me. What I like, what I don’t, what’s going on, what’s on my drawing board,  what’s on my mind and what was last Tuesday’s dinner.  Ok, well, not that intrusive and, hopefully, something more interesting than what’s liquefying in fridge.  Although… that doesn’t stop many others from doing that in this day and age.  Here I am, to join the masses of bloggers and vie for the same attention.

That being said, you should know about me since right now the bio page is very sparse (i.e. completely empty).  So, basically, I’m a kid (and female if you want to get that specific) going into first year in the SIAT (School of Interactive Arts and Technology) program at SFU.  You’ll also see my reports on my progress throughout the apparently project-laden courses and you’re completely welcome to love, hate, bash, compliment.  Hey, what am I gonna do?  Swear at you through the comments section?… Actually, I might.  But, that’s about it!

Alright, my schpiel is over.  Do what you want.